A wish: Salvini received by the Pope. By the real one, though …

A few weeks ago Bergoglio refused to grant a hearing to Matteo Salvini, because of his positions on migrants. Yes, because, in order to defend the rights of his favorite flock, migrants precisely, Bergoglio ignores the rights of the other flock, the one of people who welcome them, but who cannot be overwhelmed by them. Bergoglio (sorry, but it’s stronger than me, I refuse to call him Pope …) seems to ignore the fact that international law is based on the criteria of reciprocity, something that every law student knows very well but which, evidently, the so-called Head of the Vatican State has no qualms about ignoring it. He also ignores that it is not elegant to enter brutally in political choices of a sovereign state as Italy.

Ignorance out of ignorance, and those repetitions are forgiven; Salvini did the right thing ignoring the anathema, opposing Bergoglio

“Who made through cowardice the great refusal”

(Dante, Inferno, III, 60)

a dignified and eloquent silence.

“Rebus sic stantibus”, since we are now in the electoral campaign for the European elections, I would like to play a bit in political fiction and allow to suggest to Salvini a move that could be worth a few million votes and which, at the same time, would hit a ko punch to Bergoglio: asking for an audience with Pope Ratzinger (yes, Pope Emeritus, to great credit) that I do not believe

 he would deny: after all, in 2005, it was Benedict XVI who received the heretic Oriana Fallaci, creating a great deal of bad temper among the “beautiful souls” prostituted to the Islamic invaders:

Who knows: if my modest idea could be successful, a double effect would be achieved: Salvini would recognize Ratzinger for who he is, as the only true Pontiff, relegating Bergoglio to the role of an impostor, and, at the same time, he would be symbolically crowned by the Pope as political leader.

A paradox?

Not much, in fact let’s go back to origins: it is good to remember that in the early Middle Ages, long before the investiture struggle between the Papacy and the Empire

“Thus a curious interdependence between the Pope and the Emperor occurred at the beginning: one could not become Emperor without being crowned by the Pope of Rome, and on the other hand for some centuries every Emperor with a certain strength claimed the right to dominate or

 depose the Popes. The medieval theory of legitimate power was based both on the Emperor and the Pope; “

(Bertrand Russell, History of Western Philosophy)

The entire Western civilization is built on this balance of powers between State and Church, faithful to the evangelical prescription of giving

“… to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”

(Matthew 22, 21)

A symbiotic balance, that of Christianity, which Islam has never owned or possesses today and which qualifies it not as a “religion in which our own God is worshiped”, as the usual “beautiful souls” do not cease to bleat , but as a theocracy, in which every space of vital dialogue between spiritual and temporal needs is denied.

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