Adopt or purchase a watchdog!

On this page are listed websites or Facebook pages of watchdogs’ rescue organizations and breeders. The listings are free of charge.
In many European nations women do not go out, especially in the evening, fearing sexual attacks or robberies: this does not only happen in big cities, but also in smaller towns, no longer immune to problems related to uncontrolled immigration.
Hanging around with a Pitbull, a Dobermann, a Rottweiler or other similar breeds is a big deterrent against aggressions, even from gangs of thugs: these dogs defend their beloved at the risk of their lives. Their bites cause serious damages to those who receive them.
If the person who wants to purchase a watchdog does not have the sufficient experience to train them, we suggest to contact a breeder before purchasing a puppy.
Persons with training skills should instead consider adopting an abandoned watchdog, not only in order to spare money , but also to make a love act toward an unlucky four – legged creature.
However, we suggest contacting a dog trainer for your safety before taking a four-legged friend: some breeds can be very lovely with family members, but they can also be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hand.