Self-Defense and Martial Arts

Martial Arts and Fighting Sports are no longer trained only by male population. Recently, more and more women are committed in Self Defense classes, as reported by a page of an Italian local newspaper:

Women want independence, women want to be respected, women want to be free to go out in the evening.
We are proud of women’s and men’s reaction to the wave of violence which is overwhelming Europe.
They choose martial arts , intended as a physical confrontation, for self-defensing purposes.
We are proud of their attitude. The survival and self-preservation instinct is still prevailing, and it has not been lost despite the current wellness and consumerism habits. Wellness and consumerism lose their
efficacy without freedom. Freedom is a precious but useless value if it is not defended either by individuals and by politics:

“The open society should close its doors to intolerant and violent people to preserve from self-destruction.

In other words, the open society is open but not gaping. (see Mr. Soros…, ndr). And since we know that we do not loose our freedom in one shot, the eternal surveillance is our bill to pay for freedom…».
(Prof. Dario Antiseri, about Karl Popper’s “Open Society”):

Raped or simply harassed women have only one way to forget their trauma and their fear: to put cordiality and political correctness aside and to turn their outraged Venus’ wounds, into fighting Amazon’s weapons.
We are therefore happy to list below Gym Clubs, which offer classes in Martial Arts, Fighting Sports and Self-Defence with qualified teachers, Region by Region. The listings are free of charge.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in case you have questions regarding the various disciplines, their field of application and their efficiency: an expert of our Team will be happy to answer your request and
to recommend you the best discipline according to your attitude.