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Dedicated to Oriana Fallaci.

“Life has four offers: love, suffer, struggle and win.

Whoever loves suffers, whoever suffers struggles, whoever fights wins.

Love a lot, suffer little, fight hard, and win often”

(Oriana Fallaci)


“Since they dared, I too will dare.”

(“J’accuse…!”, Emile Zola)

In recent years, an epidemic worse than the Black Death is widespreading throughout Europe:

a rising tide of inter-ethnic rape, committed by immigrants or asylum seekers, the majority of them are Muslims. Who are the victims? Western women. The episodes of sexual harassment during the New Year’s Eve in Cologne two year ago the top of the iceberg.

Statistical data record dozens of sexual aggressions or harassments throughout Europe daily. Where?

Especially in the (too) tolerant Northern Europe countries.

In Germany and Sweden, for example, politically correctness and the fear of being identified as racists swept the truth under a blanket of silence.

Press and television deal only with the most evident episodes of rape. Countless acts of sexual harassment or abuse issues are ignored.

In Sweden, in compliance with a no-spoken “vow of silence” police forces keep secret identity, nationality and ethnicity of  harassers and rapists.

As for Italy, immigrants commit episodes of “sexual harassment” four times more than the Italians, in proportion.

The media is distracting public opinion gossiping about Weinstein’s “careerist rapes”. In these cases sexual violence is to be proved, while newspapers and the web are silent when it comes to denounce the daily crimes committed by the ” migrants “against European women.

The rapists are the same people  that Europe accepts, welcomes, takes care of daily. Europe intends to integrate  the so called “resources” not only respecting their “cultural traditions” but also forgetting its cultural roots.

In this case, the concept of multiculturalism is misused. The propaganda of the left parties is trying to brainwash people:  youth at schools, citizens at the markets, judges in courts, politicians at the parliament.


European male, where are you?

Acknowledgement: we express our thanks to the Middle East Forum for its generous grant.