Law proposals

In the following pages, you can find our law propositions aiming at preventing European colonization of immigrants, especially of Islamic people. In particular, we emphasize the concept of “re-migration”, or the necessity for most of the immigrants to return to their countries of origin. Until now, immigration has been considered as an irreversible and necessary phenomenon. As we can see in Japan and in several Far Eastern societies the migratory problem does not arise, thanks to stringent laws.

We propose following legislative adjustments:

1) Immigrants who commit crimes must be sent back to their countries of origin willingly or not . This application should be retroactive. Crimes such as rape, harassment, murders are the first crimes to be taken into consideration.

Agreements between the European Union and / or the single countries and all Islamic countries must be fostered. It is necessary to establish diplomatic agreements with the purpose of facilitating the repatriation of immigrants who commit crimes. Commercial sanctions are penalties to be introduced for those countries which refuse to subscribe such agreements, while economic aid must be given to those countries who contribute to maintain order and legality.


2) If  minors commit crimes, their parents are to be considered responsible: therefore the contents of the abovementioned point must be applied : i.e expulsion of the entire family from the national territory.


3)  If immigrants refuse integration, rejecting the contents of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1948) they must return to their countries. For example, wearing the Burqa or the Niqab is a sufficient reason for expulsion .


4) We ask for an immediate block of immigration from Islamic countries. Why? In order to comply with security needs: last years’ experiences evidenced that the worst terrorist attacks have occurred in countries where Muslim immigrants are more numerous. This does not mean, of course, that all Muslims are terrorists,  but the more they are, the more radicalization cases have been recorded .

Terrorism is not the only problem: the real problem is the demographic increase of Muslims in European countries.

Entire peripheral neighborhoods of the main European cities have become off-limits even to the police, with an exponential increase of crimes, rape and harassment.

We foster immigration policies which take into consideration cultural and religious tradition of immigrants, being inclined to accept more likely Christian people or immigrants who have similar cultural patterns.

5) Limited residency permit : once  the immigrant is no more working, should repatriate.

After 30 – 40 years of work, immigrants should return to the country of origin and enjoy retirement there. This solution will have a positive effect on their land of origin, where the are going to spend their retirement contributes therefore fostering the economic development of their countries

6) Family reunification must be regulated and granted only if all adult members of the family are able to work. Reunions are expensive both for immigrants and for the welfare of the host nation. On the one hand it is cheaper for the family to stay in the home-country than to expatriate massively.  On the other hand Western nations must facilitate reciprocal visits through special low cost tickets.

7) Citizenship must be given only after having integrated people (culturally and linguistically) and only in case of irreproachable conduct .

 It may be revoked, whenever the immigrant commits offenses or fails to comply with the law. Priority must be given to those who have completed high school education or have emerged as good workers. In other words, the host nation is allowed to select people and take as determinant factor for citizenship the educational level of those who aim at becoming citizens.


8) Policies of “re-migration” must be favored granting economic and social incentives to people who decide to come back to the country of origin, e.g., giving  access to  microcredit or “start up” projects. Poor and numerous families which profit of the welfare of the host nation are encouraged to “re-migrate” . In this case the host country will grant a decent financial support for a limited time as soon as they have settled back.


9) We propose that rape and crimes committed by immigrants are considered as a terrorist acts.

On the one hand Western women live in a state of fear and social alarm, on the other hand their men are in a sort of psychological subjection,  since they are not able to defend their women. The cause is simple:  there are too many laws and sentences which punish more Western citizens than immigrants. In this regard, we would like to remind that, following the bloody conflict between Tutsi and Hutu, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda is also the first international court to have equated rape with an act of genocide:


10) Education: Italian educational system and  the European one in general are ashamed of their cultural traditions, being more inclined to neglect religious holidays than to offend immigrants. This happens because authorities are afraid to be considered racists if they do not respect students’ of other religions requests. So Christmas or Christian symbols are cancelled. All of this is intolerable: a true integration must go through an acceptance of European cultural, artistic and religious traditions. Our educational system must be proud of those cultural patterns that permitted us to be the cradle of human values.  Students belonging to other religious confessions or cultures should not subscribe these values but the educational system should not be ashamed of emphasizing the roots of our cultural  values.  If immigrant youths do not want to integrate with our laws, once they reach adulthood, they must re-migrate to their countries of origin.


11) We therefore expect punishments for all public employees that infringe the law, break our traditions or change the organization of a public service to please the demands of non-EU citizen, in the name of a misunderstood and servile principle of multiculturalism.


12) Prohibition of racist or offensive statements against other ethnic groups, races or cultures is right. The principles of civilization and tolerance are our principles. However, what is meant under the terms of racism or xenophobia is not always clearly defined.

When a legitimate criticism of doubtful  religious acts or social traditions is expressed without any offensive or defamatory intent it should not be punished by the Court or by the Institutions. Unfortunately this still happens most of all at school and in public offices.

In this way, every civilized and peaceful dialogue or dialectic confrontation among different cultures stopped abd the basis of a true multi-ethnic society and, more generally, of democracy is jeopardized. Therefore, we expect that freedom of speech is applied in the press, in the media, at school and in political debates, without being automatically accused of racism . Since we host people, we have the right to express how we feel about it. Also because many of them do not have any problem to live according to their religious customs and habits, too often in conflict with European national laws.