Self defense tools

Self-defense, especially at home, even with weapons, should be guaranteed to everybody, like in the USA. However, in Europe in general and in Italy in particular, there are severe punishments (such as jail or economic sanctions) for people who defend with weapons their properties and their lives. In this page are listed either shops which sell self-defense tools without firearms license (i.e. the pepper spray) or those which sell weapons. The listings are free of charge.

We do not accept any accuse of “home-made justice” since the State allows it to immigrants who are the ones who commit more crimes in our cities. Instead, we suggest changes in self-defense law. In order to protect ourselves and our beloved, in the streets and at home.

Are we expecting too much?




1)  and   A Company that operates throughout Europe with two warehouses from where the shipments depart, one in Italy and one in Bucharest.