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The Mosque at Ground Zero and in Greve in Chianti: act of war, not peace!

An article written several years ago (courtesy of ), which shows us how the America of Obama stooped so low, insulting the memory of the martyrs of Ground Zero.

The same case occured in Tuscany, undersold to political correctness by its fearful leftist governors, so much to insult the memory of its noblest daughter, Oriana Fallaci.

The press and the television have debated for several days about this fact: a Muslim association asked the authorities in New York, and, unfortunately, it obtained the permission, to build a giant mosque called “Cordoba House”, just a couple of blocks from Ground Zero. The stimulus for the construction of this building came from Mr. Obama himself, who fiercely defend the necessity not to discriminate religious beliefs, sacred in the USA. Big Chief “Thunder Voice” Obama has in fact bestowed on America yet another lesson in political correctness for fear of offending the religious sensibilities of Muslims. But he has quietly forgotten about the sensitivity of all those Americans who have been outraged by the arrogance of Muslims who claim (their favorite verb in the world!) to build a mosque, in the same place in which terrorists carried out a massacre of gigantic proportions: over 2800 people died in the collapse of Twin Towers. And please, do not continue the usual litany, that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, and that it’s just a loose cannon, etc.. Certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, but it’ true that all terrorists come from the ranks of Islam and they justify their massacres with Koranic verses that incite war without limits against the infidels.

Big Chief “Thunder Voice” Obama pretends to ignore that those people who are not agree with the construction of the mosque at Ground Zero have simply proposed to move it a few blocks away, thus still giving the Muslims in Manhattan the opportunity to pray.

Rightly, Robert Spencer, in an article about Cordoba House on its website , writes of imposition of the supremacy of Islam in the United States and all over the world,

but I will push it even further, speaking of war, a psychological one, sure, but still war.

The supporters of this project make me laugh, continuing to pontificate usual banalities: “conciliatory gesture”, “place of peace and prayer”, “contribution to the inter-religious dialogue” and so on they drone. The same old pacifist bleating, anyway, more sonorous as it must cover the menacing snarl of wolves under the lamb skin.

Act of war, I was saying, because conflicts are won on the psychological level, even before the clash on the physical, and this is precisely the tactic successfully used by Islam in recent years, against the world: intimidated by the terrorist attacks, the riots in French suburbs, the women raped by cowards, so as to rip more concessions for the millions of Muslim immigrants who invaded the West.

But the thinner psychological warfare can be done with seemingly peaceful gestures, but in reality they are a demonstration of strength and leadership that cause the sensation of no longer having a way out. And, beyond the indisputable arrogance of Muslims, this is precisely the underlying message of the construction of a mosque in a place of tremendous symbolic value as Ground Zero:

<<If we are able to build our religious site HERE, we’ll have already won!>>

The fact that Big Chief “Thunder Voice” Obama is unable (or unwilling) to see this elementary logic, should be of great concern to American voters, who have placed so much faith in the first black President in history.

From New York we move to a different setting, one in Italy, among the rolling hills of Chianti. But even here we find that the threat is same, because the logic that led to the request of a mosque at Ground Zero is identical to that which led the Muslims to demand an Islamic cultural center, and thus a future mosque, in Greve in Chianti. It’s the Tuscan town which gave birth to the family of Oriana Fallaci: to trample the memory of the great writer (as she liked to call herself), who was among the first to warn about the dangers of Islam, means to let slide an unstoppable message of invincibility.

The Tuscan Northern League did well to oppose this shameful initiative, collecting signatures from citizens of Greve for a referendum against the mosque. It comforts me to know that in a city that has always voted for the left, the NOs to the mosque far outnumbered the YES’, 1402 against 51, to be precise. It was the same thing, a few months before, in Genoa, in a similar referendum sought by the Northern League against the mosque in Lagaccio, an historical “red” district. A sign, therefore, that many former comrades are realizing the danger of the forced “Islamisation” of our lands.

I would like to see in New York, before giving the green light to build Cordoba House, the realization of a referendum in order to know the idea of people about the abomination of a mosque constructed over the graves of almost 3000 of dead people, killed by Islamic followersOtherwise, the much vaunted American democracy will suffer a terrible blow, which could further strengthen the sense of victorious impunity of Muslims; the message that would pass on would be devastating:

<<Not only you can’t stop us, but you failed to activate even the most elementary democratic mechanisms>>.

It’s clear that Allah’sons can sing, on the rubble of the Twin Towers, their “Got mit uns” (God is with us), the motto of the Prussian army which was then adopted by Nazi troops.

Uhm, how do you translate “Got mit uns” in Arabic again?

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