True stories from the world

Have you suffered from a rape, a rape attempt, abuses, sexual harassment or violence by immigrants or refugees?
Have the press and the media ignored or censored the fact?
Then here you will be able to inform the public opinion freely about what happened to you. You can write us and expose your experience.
You can choose to reveal your identity or not to, in order to guarantee your privacy and safety.


1) In order to avoid fake news, we ask you to add a copy of the police or judicial authority report,dealing with the episode you are reporting.In case the official report is missing, you should add a copy of your identity card.You will receive from us a declaration of keeping your data secretly according to the privacy law. Your personal information will be useful to verify the authenticity of your statement.

2) Do not use in your story any offensive expressions, any incitement to violence or racial hate, which will be cancelled: the story you are reporting is sufficient to rise readers’ disdain.