When the left wing was a TRUE left wing, two opposing fanaticisms clashed.

From the website , which I thank, I extrapolate this funny story concerning Ho Chi Minh, among the gratest communist leader of history.

At a time like this, in which the now pulped italian left pays tribute to the passengers (almost certainly muslims) of the ship “Diciotti”, it’s worth to remember how Ho Chi Minh reacted in seeing an already thick islamic community in the Paris of 1920. I only wonder what the great communist revolutionary would think today if he could take a walk in the “Banlieunistan” of the French (?) capital…

Ho Chi Minh — Communist and Islamophobe Extraordinaire

Ho Chi Minh was a hugely talented Islamophobe. According to his unauthorized biography Not That Type of Ho…, Ho was arrested for attacking a group of Algerian men with a meat cleaver during his days in Paris in the 1920s. He was quoted in his police statement as having said:

Why so many ****ing Muslims in Paris? Why they park all over sidewalk so no can pass? Why they shout at me and lady friend when we walk down street? Next time I kill even more, ****ing hate ****ing Muslims.

That hard-left sentiments and anti-Muslim bigotry often walk hand-in-hand is made abundantly clear by this tale of borderline psychotic Islamophobia

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